A guide to Turkish gastronomy

A guide to Turkish gastronomy

Food in turkey

When we visit a country, its not just about the places to see, its also about the way they live, the food they eat, the mode of life there that inspires us, that makes for an enriching experience. There’s no point eating your staple food in a different country rather we should try to eat like a local. There are many countries where people are scared to eat like a local because the food tastes are not typically suitable for most visitors. However turkey provides you with some of the best varieties of food that you can find in a single country. They have a wide fusion range of food that will show Asian and European influences in their food style. Turkish cuisine is all about mild flavours and richness in taste of the ingredients used. Some of the yummy eats that you should not miss while in turkey are

  • Meze platter - Meze platter in turkey is one of its kind. It has a few varieties of salads to have with some bread.

  • Pide - This is one of the most popular dishes in turkey. It’s a popular Turkish flat-bread (Turkish variation of pizza).It has its various veg, non veg and cheesy versions and is one of the most filling food at the best rates available all around the Turkish province.

  • Kebab & Curry meals - There are numerous varieties of meals that is basically different combinations of kebabs, curry with rice/bread and vegetables.

  • Turkish breakfast - Turkish people really enjoy their breakfast. Breakfast will generally have a wide variety of food, starting form breads (did anyone say Simit?), cheese, butter, cookies, olives, fruits, eggs, meat to milk, cereals, and beverages like juice, tea & coffee.

Meze Pide Meal Breakfast
Meze platter, Pide, Chicken Hurrem meal, breakfast
  • Çay - The Çay (pronounced chai, this is simply tea in Turkish) is the most popular form of tea you will find around turkey. You have the normal tea and also flavoured apple tea. In the Turkish winters this cup of cay will give you the best warmth.

  • Kaveshi - The Kaveshi (coffee in Turkish) is one of its kind, its strong and is generally served with some Turkish delight to balance the bitterness of the coffee. You should try it when you are in Turkey.

  • Raki - The Turkish drink which is anise/fennel favoured. Its mild flavour is soothing and is unlike any drink you would have tasted.

  • Hookah - Along with tea & coffee, Turkish people are very fond of smoking. Seems like almost every adult and most teenagers smoke cigarette. But when it comes to relaxation & delicacy, people indulge in the aromatic smoking machine - that is Hookah.

Tea Coffee
Tea & coffee
Street food
  • Simit - a kind of bread that you can choose to top with cheese/jam. It is most widely eaten in all parts of turkey and available in small street stalls to many big food joints.

  • Doner - A kind of wrap made of chicken, beef or any meat of your choice. This is also among the most widely available choice of food available for non vegetarians in turkey

  • Varieties of kebap - You will get a wide variety of kebap comprising of various kinds of meet. Iskinder kebap, doner kebap, pottery kebap, there are plenty of varieties and all taste great. You should be trying as much of them as you can and you won’t repent

  • Stuffed mussles - One of the best street food I had while in Turkey. If you love sea food, this is a must try. It is a preparation of muscles stuffed with some flavoured rice and is popular street food of turkey and oh it’s so yumm…! Have a hot plate of it at as cheap as 5 lira and thank me later.

  • Fresh fried fish sandwiches - If you are a fish lover, you can choose from a variety of fresh catch of the day and then they will fry the fish of your choice and stuff it in your choice of bread. Its hot fresh and yummy. It costs around 10lira and is a must try.

Simit Doner Stuffed mussles Halka Tatlisi
Turkish street food
  • Rice pudding (Sütlaç) - If you are a sweet lover, Rice pudding in turkey is a must have for you.

  • Dondurma - The Turkish ice-cream and its delicate flavours and the style of making it is all like a dream. Dondurmas in turkey come in various flavours and are a definite try.

  • Baklava - When you are in turkey, you can’t miss on the Baklava and the best place to have it is Karaköy Güllüoğlu, try their variety and you will be left wanting more.

  • Stuffed Chicken pudding and other deserts from Hafiz Mustafa - This will be one of my priciest picks but worth the try. Try all their deserts each one is yummy.

Baklava Rice pudding Chicken breast pudding Halwa
Baklava, Sütlaç, Chicken breast pudding & Halwa

And so much more…

My list can go on and on. You cant have it all as the varieties of food available is tremendous and delicious. We were left wanting for more even after trying most in our list. You wont be satisfied by having it once and you can never have enough of them. Its a food paradise if you ask me. So, some random food photos.

Pottery Kebab karaköy güllüoğlu Sheesh kebab Chicken meal Doner kebab Turkish delight
There's no end to Turkish food varieties

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