Working with .NET Core 2.0

After developing many tiny to large enterprise scale applications (tools, web apps, services etc.) using the .NET Framework for many years, I’ve been working with .NET Core framework for some time now. I’ve made some small applications from scratch, using the .NET Core 2.0 framework, and also ported some existing, moderately large .NET enterprise applications to the .NET Core 2.0 framework.

A series of articles on .NET Core 2.0

In this series of articles, I wanted share my experience from all the recent work I have been doing. Please note, this is not meant to give you an in depth understanding or exhasutive knowledge of the .NET Core framework, rather I’ll try to cover the basic of the new framework and some of my learning which might help fellow developers taking on a similar challenge. Also, understand that these are NOT step-by-step DIY tutorials.

Note .NET Core is farely new and is till evolving. Some of the concepts, features, syntaxes might change in future.

So, here is the list of articles in this series. All the articles collectively presents bunch of concepts, ideas, code snippets etc. which can help grasp the complete state of things with .NET Core. Some of the articles overlap and have shared concepts and explanations, and some inner dependencies too. The whole set put together would give a good base to start rather than individual sections. I’d reccomend following it sequentially, but just reading them ad-hoc won’t hurt much. Click the links to follow.

1. What is .NET Core
2. Porting existing .NET Framework libraries to .NET Core
3. Understanding ASP.NET Core 2.0
4. Porting ASP.NET MVC applications to ASP.NET Core 2.0
5. Porting Web API services to ASP.NET Core 2.0
6. practical configuration & DI in .NET Core 2.0
7. Hosting ASP.NET Core application on IIS

Like always, the source of knowledge has been MSDN, GitHub, Stack Overflow and various other online forums.

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